Ysgol Dydd Sul (Clwb Iau)

Our Sunday School meets one Saturday a month in the Church from 11 am to 12.30.  The name ‘Clwb Iau’ was given to our Sunday School when it was held on a Thursday each week.

Clwb Iau News
Our highlight of the term was Mother’s Day. Very well attended, of course! After a truly uplifting service, all the ladies, even those who were not mothers, were given a mini bouquet by the children! Marion Little made all of them and very well done.
On Good Friday, we met firstly at St David’s, Llanarthne, for a short service and then to the Botanical Gardens, excellent attendance, although the weather was a bit cold. To finish – buttered hot cross buns and a fruit drink!
The theme for this term was Saints; St Twrog/St Francis, The call of the disciples, Ascension Day, St Non, Pentecost and St Patrick.
We give thanks for all the children and the helpers.
I will leave you with a little prayer:
Dear Jesus,
In the gardens, we followed your footsteps, we joined in the prayers, we listened to the readings and sang the hymns. A very powerful reminder of that which you have done for us. Amen